The Reclaim Tee (Ivory)
The Reclaim Tee (Ivory)

The Reclaim Tee (Ivory)

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I can’t lie this shirt was created out of constant frustration. I’m an avid vintage shopper in person and especially online.


It’s been said time and time again black culture makes the world move/stop simultaneously. We are the culture and that’s 100% fact.


And like anything hot it comes with a price but for a while it’s been upsetting me and my homegirls to see the deliberate hike up on prices from white resellers! We know we’re it but a beg, go resell your goo goo dolls tees in peace!


I put my frustration on a tee to wear my feelings loud and clear.


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The Reclaim Tee (Ivory)
The Reclaim Tee (Ivory)